ChemDelve Pvt. Ltd. is a contract research organization which works for national and international clients from industry and academia. We collaborate with potential clients in following two ways.

  • Full Time Employee (FTE)
  • Fee For Service (FFS)

We offer our services in synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis, process chemistry and agrochemicals.
Dr. Farhanullah (Founder & Director)
Farhanullah, PhD is the founder and director of the company. He is an accomplished scientist with more than 15 years of industry/ postdoc experience in synthetic organic chemistry, process chemistry (API), medicinal chemistry, CRO and carbohydrate chemistry. He has done MSc (Tech) from university of Lucknow and joined AstraZeneca Bangalore as a process R &D executive. At Astra he worked on various ongoing process chemistry projects and has been a member of a team which successfully standardised, scaled up and transferred the process to pilot plants. Having worked for a couple of years with Astra he quitted the job and joined Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow to pursue PhD in Synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry under supervision of Dr. Visnhu Ji Ram. He completed his PhD in two parts; first part was development of synthetic methodologies through ring transformation 2-pyrones. The other part was rational design, synthesis and evaluation of antidiabetic agents. He then moved to Seoul National University (SNU) for his first postdoc in medicinal chemistry and synthesized inhibitors of amino-acyl tRNA synthetase, an enzyme responsible for protein synthesis in bacteria. He then joined national university of Singapore for his second postdoc in natural product total synthesis and worked on (+)-Sieboldine A and also worked towards development of stereoselective synthetic strategy for diarylquinoline an antitubercular drug which act by inhibiting ATP synthase. Dr. Farhan then moved to university of Malaya, Kulalampur for his last postdoc in synthesis and surfactant studies glycolipids and carbohydrates. With this back ground Dr. Farhan joined GVK Bio as senior scientist and promoted to associate principal scientist. He looked after some ongoing FTE collaborations and been instrumental in their expansion and strengthening. After working for 6 years with GVK Bio he moved to Piramal enterprises Ahmedabad as senior principal scientist and worked in lead position for many FTE and FFS projects. He was instrumental in building and developing a FFS team of chemists.

His other expertise includes project management, presentation, client communication and leadership.

R. U. Siddiqui (Director)
Mr. Siddiqui is one of the directors of the company. He has done BSc in statistic from university of Lucknow followed by diploma in electronics. Having completed his studies he formed a company named “Ambient computronics pvt ltd” of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) in 1994 in New Delhi. Besides his technical expertise he has more than 23 years in business development and administrations, planning and team management.

K.R. SANTOSH KUMAR (Group Leader)
K.R. Santosh, PhD is core member of our team. He has more than 12 years of research experience in chemical research from academia and industry. He started his industrial career with Dr. Reddy’s laboratories Hyderabad and later associated with Suven Life Sciences, Hyderabad and worked on various discovery projects. Dr. Santosh has also been associated with Laxai-Avanti Life Sciences Ltd., Hyderabad, India and was responsible for team management of several chemists in various FTE and FFS collaborations. Santosh’s experience in organic chemistry synthesis includes heterocyclic chemistry; scaffolds; building blocks, peptides, alkaloids and synthesis of small-medium size focused libraries. In addition to this he has been involved in projects dealing with analytical research which includes the analysis of reference/drug standards, method development, physicochemical studies and, identification and characterization of API impurities.

Santosh has done MSc from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India and PhD in synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry from national university of Singapore under supervision of Prof. Martin J Lear. During his PhD he worked on mild protection of alcohols using thiotetrazole reagents and “Total & analogue synthesis of antimalarial peptides & chloroquine Probes.  


Chemdelve operates in milligram to kilogram scale synthesis of diverse kind of organic compounds of chemical and medicinal interests. Particularly synthesis of heterocycles, aromatics, peptides, carbohydrates, neucleosides and neucleotides.

We also have expertise in synthesis of chiral compounds by stereoselective, chiral pool strategies and resolution of racemic mixture through diastereomer formation. The other important areas are of organometallic chemistry involving transition metals (Pd, Ni, Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe), API intermediates and API impurities.

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